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kami menjual Inverter merk FMZ made in taiwan dengan garansi 1 tahun dengan pelayanan service yang baik dan dapat dibantu untuk setting ditempat.

Berikut Tyipe Inveter FMZ.

H400 Series Frequency Inverter

Single-phase 220V (-15%~20%) 0.75-2.2KW
1-ph 220V input & 3-phase 380V output (Up to 37kw)

Product Features:
(1) SVC, FVC, enhanced VF control technology;
(2) High starting torque characteristics: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC); 0Hz/180% (FVC), stable speed accuracy can reach ±5% (FVC);
(3) Excellent motor drive performance;
(4) Powerful protection function, with instantaneous stop and non-stop function;
(5) I/O expansion, support RS-485, Profibus-DP, CANlink, CANopen and other mainstream fieldbus communication, support a variety of PG cards;
(6) Support simultaneous control of asynchronous motor and synchronous motor;
(7) PLC card, the programming mode is fully compatible with H1U series PLC, and the highest 16-segment speed operation is realized through the built-in PLC

V7 Series Frequency Inverter

Product Features:
(1) IGBT design with wide voltage range: -15% 380V ~ 440V +10%
(2) Excellent VVVF & Sensorless Vector Control Technology
(3) Competitive Price & Reliable Performance
(4) Removable Keypad & Standard Modbus-RTU communication
(5) Built-in PID & Simple PLC Function
(6) Easy parameter setting for commissioning

V3 Series Solar Pump Inverter

Product Features:
(1) V/f & Open Loop Sensorless Vector Control
(2) Performance meets the GB/T12668-2002, IEC61800 standard.
(3) Compactdesign with easy key operation
(1) Wide input voltage range: 310~480V & wide power range: 0.4kw~1000kw/400V
Parameter auto-tuning function: static parameter auto-tuning function;
(6)Customized functions are available.( We support OEM & ODM)

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